Choose friendly energy. Choose Canada.

Canada’s responsibly produced oil and gas should be the supplier of the World’s energy needs.
Secure and safe, with a sharp focus on human, environmental and labour rights.
Say no to tyranny oil. The choice is obvious.

The Trans Mountain Expansion is good for Canada

Project provides long-term benefits and helps meet world energy demand

Photo courtesy Trans Mountain Corporation

WATCH: Canada is the world's energy solution

Canada can help reduce emissions while providing reliable, responsible, affordable energy to the world.

Canada’s largest oil and gas pipeline operators embrace renewable energy

Canadian pipeline companies are investing in renewable energy to reduce, and eventually eliminate, emissions from their operations. “These kinds of projects will be critical to meet global climate goals while keeping energy reliable, affordable and secure,” says Roland Muwanga, TC Energy’s vice-president, energy transition – technical and operations strategy. Read More

Coastal GasLink and Indigenous partners release first 60,000 salmon fry in project to restore B.C. populations

“When we talk about land, we say we belong to this territory. This land holds us, and we are nurtured from it.” These are the words of Aileen Prince, chief of the Nak’azdli Whut’en First Nation in northern B.C. near Fort St. James. Prince and her community have suffered numerous indignities over the years, including residential school abuse and the loss of autonomy over traditional lands. Read More

WATCH: Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry is committed to Reducing GHG Emissions

Canada's oil and gas industry has been tackling Greenhouse Gas Emissions for more than a decade, with a target of Net Zero emissions by 2050. If your oil and gas came with a label, you would learn that Canada's oil and gas industry is a global leader in environmental and social standards.

A Matter of Fact: There is a long-term business case for Canadian LNG

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s reported skepticism about the business case for Canada to accelerate liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports to Europe and the world is misleading to Canadians. Here are five key facts to illustrate the strong business case to connect Canadian LNG to Europe and the world. Read More

Canadian oil a ‘godsend’ for U.S. energy security: Chamber of Commerce leader

A senior leader with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce would rather see the U.S. focus on oil imports from Canada than other potential partners as the global energy security crisis from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine grows. Read More

Canada’s oil industry is number one in ESG – but what does that mean?

Supporters of Canada’s oil and gas industry often say that Canada leads the world in “ESG.” But what does that mean, and why does it matter? Read More

Oil sands on path to total emissions reductions

For the first time, total oil sands greenhouse gas emissions are expected to start going down. Read More

The 2021 tyranny index for oil and gas

With the most recent data available, as of 2020, 49 per cent of global oil production comes from nations that Freedom House tracks as Not Free. That compares to a 33 per cent share of oil production in Free and 10 per cent in Partly Free countries. Read More

World energy heavyweight prefers oil and gas from Canada

The head of the International Energy Agency says Canada is a preferred global oil and gas supplier and should take steps to ensure it remains so in the decades to come. Read More

Indigenous communities taking the lead in Canadian oil and gas

A growing number of Canada’s Indigenous communities are becoming owners of oil and gas projects that can help reduce environmental impacts while lifting their members out of poverty. Read More

Canadian oil and gas continues world-leading spend on cleantech R&D

A new report shows that Canada’s major oil and gas companies continued their steady drumbeat of big spending on cleantech research and development in 2020, despite facing unprecedented challenges related to the global pandemic. Read More

Indigenous communities benefiting from Trans Mountain Expansion

In addition to more than half a billion in mutual benefit agreements with First Nations along the route, the project spent more than $1 billion with Indigenous companies in 2021 alone, according to the latest update.  Read More

U.S. foreign oil imports: $1.8 trillion from tyrannies and autocracies since 1993

Of the top 10 suppliers of foreign oil to the U.S. over nearly three decades, only Canada was considered a 'Free' nation Read More

Joint efforts fuel Canada’s cleantech boom

Canada’s oil and gas industry is recognized as having a level of cooperation on cleantech research and development that is unprecedented globally. Today that cooperation is resulting in a flood of new cleantech development projects. Read More

US lawmakers and citizens voice preference for Canada to replace Russian imports via Keystone XL revival

US leaders continue to challenge the year-old decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline expansion project, calling for its reinstatement.  Read More