Cleaner. Closer.
Committed to
Net Zero.

The choice is easy. Choose Canada.

The U.S. is importing more oil from Russia and Saudi Arabia while shutting out oil from Canada.
Canadian oil isn’t just better for your wallet, it’s better for the world.
Support the obvious choice.

Friendly Energy

Wonder why the Canadian Energy Centre has put up billboards in New York and Washington, D.C.? Out of necessity. And to help guide our American friends to lower prices at the pump... Read More

Why the U.S needs more oil from Canada

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What committed to Net Zero means

Canada’s oil and gas producers are committed to environmental excellence, including reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the oil sands... Read More

Canada’s GHG emissions intensity record since 2000: An updated 2021 analysis

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Five reasons the U.S. should prioritize Canadian energy

Oil and gas is expected to supply 70% of U.S. energy needs in 2050, even with growth in renewables. Much of that energy will have to be imported. Here's why it should come from Canada.

Cleaner Canadian Energy

Companies in Canada’s oil sands are working harder than other major global oil producers to reduce emissions in the fight against climate change, according to research by BMO Capital Markets... Read More

Canadian oil is better for the U.S. than oil from OPEC+

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Keystone XL and why it matters

The Keystone XL pipeline would have increased Canadian oil supply to the U.S. But its permit was cancelled and now the U.S. is getting more oil from Russia and Saudi Arabia.